HaykerDAO: Operation Guide
First.Switching Heco mainnet
1: Click on the HaykerDAO official website, enter the homepage, and click "Link Wallet".
and than add the HECO main network ;
2. Click "Custom RPC" and enter the following information in sequence:
Network name: Heco main network
Chain ID: 128
Symbol: HT
Blockchain browser URL: https://hecoinfo.com/
Second, the process of generating the vault
1. Click "Enter"
2. Choose a type of collateral, here takes "HT-B" as an example:
Choose "Type of Collateral" on the left and click "Continue";
3. To initialize the vault and collateral authorization, click "Setup";
4. Click "Confirm" and wait for the authorization to be completed;
5.Enter the amount of staked HT and the amount of HAI to be generated and click "Continue";
6.Confirm the details of the vault, check "I understand that the stable rate is not fixed and may change in the future", and click "Create vault";.
7.Click "Confirm", wait for the creation of the vault in about 20 seconds, and click "Exit" to complete the creation;
Third, the vault Deposit
Step 1: Click "Deposit", enter the amount of HT deposited, and click "Deposit";
Step 2: Click "Confirm" to complete the deposit.
Fourth. collateral withdraw from the vault
Step 1: withdraw the input process and click "withdraw", enter the amount of HT , and click "withdraw";
Step 2, click "withdraw" to complete the withdraw of collateral;
Five, the process of repaying HAI
Step 1: Click "Repay", enter the amount of Hai to be repaid, and click the "unlock HAI to continue" button to complete the authorization first;
Step 2. Click "Confirm" to complete the authorization
Six, the process of generating HAI
Step 1. Click "Generate", enter the amount of Hai you want to borrow, and click "Generate"
Step 2. Click "Confirm" the transaction;
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